About Us

Established in 1995, ADHD North West was formed to provide information, advice, guidance, and support to individuals and families affected by Attention Deficit Disorders and associated conditions throughout the north west region. We became a registered Charity in 2000.

From humble beginnings, with only a passionate belief and vision to sustain us, we have worked to raise awareness and acceptance of ADHD and pioneered improvement in the availability of good quality services and practices. In the early days little was known about ADHD and many were sceptical as to its validity – some still are despite the overwhelming medical evidence and research. However it is true to say that generally attitudes towards ADHD have changed in recent years, though myths and true ignorance still remain, not helped by the confusing misinformation often found in the media.

We started out with just a helpline, an information leaflet and fantastic volunteers, most of whom had an affected child or children. It quickly became clear that there were many hundreds of families desperate for information and support and our helpline, providing a listening ear and understanding, has always been a lifeline for struggling parents.

No organisation can afford to stand still and to meet growing demand we have progressively increased our range of services. These are described in more detail on the OUR SERVICES page. As we are classed as a specialist service various legislation and qualification requirements, often burdensome for small charities such as ours, have had to be met. This has not been easy as we receive no government funding and have to rely on contracts, grants and commissioned work but we are used to challenges!

This website has been created to help anyone interested in finding out more about ADHD. We hope you find it informative and beneficial. If you don’t find what you are looking for please contact us and we will endeavour to help you further.


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